One-armed skelebot with a custom AI


Battle-damaged CS skelebot, one arm destroyed, battle damage over most of chassis. Carries standard-issue energy rifle and vibroblade in remaining arm.


Came to Kapuskasing with Jiffers Pulcha about 18 years ago. Confederation States programming was evidently replaced by an artificial intelligence, programmed by Jiffers. The bot acted as personal bodyguard and sometimes-town militiaman during his time in Kapuskasing.

During the Beast attack, Sheldon followed the commands of his creator and stuck to Jiffers’ side, despite orders from the militia to form a defensive line against the Beast. When the line was overrun and Jiffers’ vehicle was attacked, Sheldon abandoned the vehicle, drew the attention of the Beast, and allowed Jiffers to escape to the hydro control centre. Sheldon, on its own, was overwhelmed and destroyed.

Jiffers attempted to salvage the bot, but was unable to recover the AI program, and lacked the replacement components to rebuild the bot.


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