Jiffers Pulcha

Mech/Elec/Robotics/Cybernetics Engineer


Later Years

  • when he reached Kapuskasing, settled down into a role of engineer.
  • Kept his background secret. Many questions concerning his one-armed Skele-bot companion Sheldon. Concerns of origin, loyalty to CS, sleeper programs, bad programs, etc.
  • The Chief Engineer of Kapuskasing took him on as new protege. The former protege really resented this. But Jiffers’ meritocratic attitude, and pride, had him accept the role.
  • after ten years as assistant chief, gained rank of Chief upon retirement of old chief.
  • primary accomplishment, beyond keeping the generators and supply lines working, was the development of a V.I. (as per Mass Effect) control program and control centre linking all the generators together. Efficiency greatly increased because changes in the grid demand and generator status can be adjusted for instantly.
  • Transmission lines now also include communication cables that carry the information to/from the control centre from the substations, generators, transformers, etc.
  • When the Beast attacked the Town, he kept his skele-bot at his side, despite calls for it to join the assault. Jiffers raced to the generator control centre. The Beast broke the lines and attacked his vehicle. The skele-bot sacrificed itself to protect Jiffers, an act that completely caught him off-guard. He didn’t know that the AI was capable of producing such reactions.
  • After the attack, appointed/elected to join the Council.
  • He selected the former protege to be his replacement as chief engineer, as council duties will prevent him from giving proper attention to the hydro stations.
  • currently dealing with the emotional loss of his skele-bot, longest and closest friend.

Character goals:


  • expand deployment of cybernetics among soldiers to improve combat efficiency
  • develop robot combatants to supplement military
  • establish military information hub (similar to the hydro control centre) to provide real-time * info on status of controlled territories. implant monitoring devices within substations, transformers, etc and tie in to existing comm lines.
  • foment war between Free Quebec, Iron Heart, and C.S., thus weakening all of them and distracting from Kapuskasing.


  • Secure more resources for military development, including raw materials, equipment, manufacturing capability, and designs.
  • expand territory to secure more sources of electrical generation, which in turn provides more manpower. Trade electricity for manufacturing resources.


  • stabilize and rebuild damage from attack. regain trust of the common folk.


  • ???

Jiffers Pulcha

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