Jace Kilbride


Jace is career military. His father and mother were both in the military and he joined up as soon as he was old enough.

It quickly became clear that he had an amazing natural aptitude and demonstrated reflexes and accuracy well above any of the other recruits.

He was quickly enrolled in the pilot program where he excelled at piloting and vehicle operation, as well as marksmanship and tactics.

After several years he was transferred to special operations where he began running specialized missions with smaller teams.

During his time in special ops, he was the happiest he’s ever been. He felt like he was serving his state to the best of his abilities and he was extremely good at his job.

Unfortunately, his superiors took notice of his talent and did the worst thing possible – they promoted him. It’s not clear whether this action was simply a misguided attempt to reward him for his hard work, or if the current spec ops commander felt threatened and had Jace promoted out of the way.

Since his promotion, Jace has been forced out of field work and into the world of high level tactics, resource management, and politics. He’s not the most politically savvy, but he’s passionate and he truly believes in the role of a strong military.

He does his part to ensure other young officers like him are utilized to the best of their abilities, but this sometimes means holding talented people back because they are extremely good at their jobs.

His circumstances have forced him to look at people as tools to be used for the purpose they’re best at, and this often results in the forces at his disposal being extremely effective, but he also dispassionately weighs rewards and losses. He feels that anyone who dies in the line of duty has served their purpose and should be honoured.

Jace Kilbride

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