Troy Vangar


IQ 24
ME 11
MA 13
PS 11
PP 13
PE 13
PB 7
SP 14
MI 11

HP 13
SDC 21

Literacy- Native (english)
– French 60%
Language Native (english)
French 75%
Appraise 50%
Barter 40
Computer Operation
Programming- 45
Creative Writing 40
Excavation 55
Find Contraband 15
Gemology 40
History -PreRift 22
-PostApoc 20
Horse RIding (general) 40
Land Navigation 36
Law: General 35
Math-Basic 70
-Advanced 45
Pilot: Hover Vehicles 40
Prospector 50
Public Speaking 50
Recognize Weapon Quality 25
Research 30
Roadwise 26
Salvage 50
Spelunking 35
Streetwise 20

Weapon Proficiency: Ancient (spear), Energy Pistol


A short (150 cm), Caucasian male with black hair Troy is a man who shows both the signs of middle-age and years of hard labour. Years of mining and spelunking gave him both his wealth, and also the injuries he suffers from. A collapse shattered his acetabulum, leaving him with a limp after it healed.

Investing in key enterprises, both in town and in several merchants that travel between cities (I forget if we wanted to be isolationists), he has risen to be a key man when it comes to raising funds in the city (think littlefinger in game of thrones)

Troy Vangar

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